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>>John Kordic's Major Penalty
Jon Kordic's adult life was defined by uncontrollable rage. His six years in the NHL is a testament to his success as an enforcer, and his four teams an indication of his inability to keep his fury on the ice.
[ Click for more ]

The biggest problem the NHL has continually faced is the slow growth of interest in the game in the U.S. The game is only popular in small pockets of the country. [ Click for more ]

The upcoming labour battle between the owners and the players is the main topic of conversation for everyone in and around the NHL. While the league's economic future is foremost on the governors' minds I believe that financial control over the game today is actually short-term thinking, and that the growth of the game should be their most pressing issue.[ Click for more ]


When Lightning Strikes
I shook his hand. The right one. Not that it really would have mattered, considering he had a Stanley Cup ring on each hand. And so there I was, talking to the guy who was the first player in the NHL to score a hundred points, led Team Canada into the 1972 Canada-Russia series and was the former President and GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Yes, that guy: Phil Esposito. [ Click for More ]


>>"But Dad, I want to have fun!"
The final instalment in a three-part series about rink rage, minor-league hockey and the pressure on child athletes, this article explores "Relax, Its Just a Game," a recent public-service announcement campaign launched by USA Hockey and Hockey Canada (hockeycanada.ca): [ Click for More ]



Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
They say breaking up is hard to do. Whoever "they" are, they're right.

At first, it really affected me, maybe because I never saw it coming. Sure, the months near the end of our relationship were rocky, but it's not always going to be smooth sailing. Breaking up is always in the back of your mind but you never expect to see them walk out the door and not even look back… [Click for more]


Sports Mint
Collector Gallery

Sports Mint opened its signature store during 1994. This two-floor collectibles gallery features the finest selection of autographed sports memorabilia and team licensed apparel. [ Click for More ]


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Sports Mint
Collector Gallery

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