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HockeyLink.Ca is the internet destination for the Canadian hockey community. It is owned and powered by Canadian Hockey Media Ltd (CHML). Created to connect and educate players, fans, parents and vendors in one interactive and easily accessible environment.

HockeyLink.Ca is dedicated to the promotion and development of Canadas hockey and sports industries. All are welcome, from players to vendors to coaches, HockeyLink.Ca provides something for everyone no matter the level, be they die-hard enthusiast or back bench spectator.

HockeyLink.Ca allows the hockey community to be connected in one interactive, entertaining and dynamic setting.

> Players will be able to read latest tips and articles

> Coaches can stay atop of their game with the latest drill sheets and industry information

> Parents/Fans will be able to locate and contact qualified vendors and service providers

HockeyLink.Ca intends to become the recognized and trusted source for gathering hockey related information, be it for purchasing jerseys or researching hockey camps. It enables the hockey community to connect in a virtual forum and marketplace that never closes, no matter where one may find themselves.

If you are interested in becoming involved with this ever expanding community dedicated to hockey, either as a member or a business, please contact us at 416-782-6421 or simply e-mail general@hockeylink.ca

The HockeyLink.Ca staff is made up of a tightly knit team, including professionals, writers, hockey coaches and players. The team prides itself in delivering dynamic, entertaining and relevant content.

Dedicated to the development of hockey in Canada

HockeyLink.Ca recognizes the efforts of its contributors in providing valued, professional and timely services.

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