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When Lightning Strikes
I shook his hand. The right one. Not that it really would have mattered, considering he had a Stanley Cup ring on each hand. And so there I was, talking to the guy who was the first player in the NHL to score a hundred points, led Team Canada into the 1972 Canada-Russia series and was the former President and GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Yes, that guy: Phil Esposito. [ Click for More ]


Coach of the Month
The HockeyLink.Ca Coach of the Month recognizes the valued efforts of coaches around the world. No other person can make such an impact on a player's direct advancement and enjoyment of the sport. The HockeyLink.Ca staff thanks all coaches for their time, dedication and contributions to the sport of hockey. Now go draft some plays! . [ Click for More ]

Coaches/Refs stay up to date with the rules and regulations in your league. The HockeyLink.Ca staff has composed a web listing of rulebooks. [ Click for More ]

Look for coach and referee resources coming soon!


1. HDCO - The Hockey Development Centre for Ontario
2. OMHA - Ontario Minor Hockey Association


1. HockeyRefs.Com - It's where the pro's go!
2. Ref School - Canadian School of Hockey Officiating


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