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When Lightning Strikes
I shook his hand. The right one. Not that it really would have mattered, considering he had a Stanley Cup ring on each hand. And so there I was, talking to the guy who was the first player in the NHL to score a hundred points, led Team Canada into the 1972 Canada-Russia series and was the former President and GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning. [ Click for More ]

What's the Old Guy think of the New Guy?
He was there in the days of Harold Ballard, Punch Imlach and John Brophy. When Borje Salming was the veteran and Wendel Clark was the new kid. He was the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. And he was just 30 years old. So how did Gord Stellick find himself in charge of Canadas hockey team? [ Click for More ]

Thirty-Five Years with a Whistle
By Morley Meyers - Retired Hockey Official
I didn’t start out in life wanting to be a hockey referee. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Outdoor rinks and the streets were where I learned about the game and how to play it. [ Click for More ]

GameChaser.com Helps Hockey Teams Find Games (Oct 2002)
For most of us, it's really hard to imagine hockey without the Internet. Only a few years ago, this wonderful technology was not available[ Click for More ]

Communication Skills for Hockey Officials (Sept 2002)
The key to being a successful official is to have superior communication skills. An official who is aloof or who [ Click for More ]

Becoming An Official - HockeyRefs.Com (May 2002)
So you want to start officiating, but have no clue where to begin? We have put together a comprehensive guide to becoming an official. [ Click for More ]

Ten Tips for Officials - HockeyRefs.Com (June 2002)
1. Always know your rules - Take the time to learn and understand all the rules. When you referee in more than one league, there [ Click for More ]


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