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Register your team today! is a free online team networking tool provided to amateur hockey teams and associations. Hockey team coaches and managers may register their teams and network with other teams to find exhibition/scrimmage games for open dates and gaps in schedules.

The program is searchable by team classification, location, and type (ice hockey or roller hockey). Searches may also be performed by a specific date to produce results of teams that have posted that date.

To get started just hit the Register button below and enter your team profile.

Teams do not have to be registered to view information, but must register for other teams to see their profiles and open dates. Use of the program is very simple and quick, but we suggest that first time users read our Frequently Asked Questions page before beginning.
Disclaimer: All games or events deriving from the use of this program are strictly between the participants. The owners, managers, and sponsors of these web pages will assume no responsibility for any aspect of these games or events.
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